May 24

Comic Life!!!!!!!!

Last week it was education week at school and this topic was  technology!!! Because it was technology we used this app on our Ipad’s called comic life 3.It was awesome we got to make our own comics, we were partnered up I was with bailey. I had a great time.

April 28

Anzac diary

This week we have being writing Anzac diarys. The girls were nurses in ww1 and boys soilders. We got to explore where ever we wanted to as long as Aussies went there the was a lot of fun 

December 1

Song room performance

last week all the grade 3 and 4’s went to Eastbank to perform infront  of heaps of different schools. At the start we made up a song with all the schools and some girls. One of the girls made up the song. After that there was the performances by the other schools. Our class did a Haunted House soundscape using junk and household items. we had three groups beginning,middle,and ending.Then after all the schools had performed we had lunch.Then we came back to Eastbank and watched Grammer school their insruments with the principal.Then some students in uni or at the end of high school played and everybody loved them.It was a good day and I had fun. 

October 6

My Holidays

The first that I did on the holidays was play mini golf with my Sister,Dad,Dad’s friend and his nephew charlie .The adults didn’t play so it was only us and charlie drew and my sister was a few points behind.The second thing  we did was go and watch pixels,it was really good and funny.The final thing that I did on the holidays was go to the Euroa waterfall and I saw a dead koala.I had a fun time these holidays.

September 10


Today in the morning,our class and MJO did cricket with the Seda people. First we got in to groups and did the thing the person there was running.Our group was practicing bowling.We had shots at the stumps.Then we went on to the bating group.The first thing that we did in the bating group was balancing the ball on the bat while versing the girls in the  group.Then  we hit the ball on top of our bat. finally we hit the ball along the ground. Then we went to the catching  group and though the ball to ourself then at   the  end we played rapid fire

September 3

Healesville sanctuary

On Tuesday the 1st of September  the grade 3’s and 4’s went to Healesville  sanctuary. We had to get to school at 7:45am and we were leaving at 8:00 to get on the was about a 2 hour drive to get there.Once we got there we got in to our group’s and went.I was in Jye and Mohammed and Jye’s  mum was with us.We saw the kangaroo’s  but all they were doing was sleeping,there was only one joey jumping around.My favourite bit was the birds show because one of the birds could talk in a really high pitched voice.After we had lunch we went to the playground while Jye’s mum and a few other mum’s went to the cafe. then at the end of the day because we were so good Jye’s mum bought us Icey pole’s then we got back at school at 6:00pm and Jye’s mum droped me of home what a long day.